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Re: Questionnaire

From: Josh Smith
Subject: Re: Questionnaire
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 09:58:26 -0700

MB == Mark Burgess <address@hidden>

MB> The important thing is whether useful information comes out of it.
MB> This has had to be done hurriedly as part of a student project. There
MB> are deadlines involved. The purpose of the questionnaire is not to give
MB> people a general agony column for their maladies, but rather to get the
MB> answers to specific questions that will apply to cfengine 3. In that
MB> respect, it is good enough and the results are already significant.

Fair enough; I feel better about it knowing that it's a student project,
and that you're aware of the limitations.

                                      -Josh (address@hidden)

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