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Re: help with cfexecd/solaris/crontab

From: Maurice Bremond
Subject: Re: help with cfexecd/solaris/crontab
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 10:18:55 +0200
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>but, it only dumps core on the
>first pass while the trust relationship is still being established; once
>that takes place, it seems to run without issue... just the initial
>client setup includes running cfagent *twice* before adding the cronjob.

We had a core dump here with cfagent/cfengine 2.1.14 only during the
first pass and while the trust relationship was established.

It was due to a call in src/proto.c to
RSA_size(server_pubkey) with server_pubkey not initialized (*)

The second cfagent pass was ok.

With a simple patch (**), it now works for us.

The ticket is :

Hope this help, 

Maurice Bremond

(*) with gdb :

SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.                                    
[Switching to Thread -1207753440 (LWP 18983)]                                   
0x07c4ca57 in RSA_size () from /lib/                              

(gdb) where                                                                     
#0 0x07c4ca57 in RSA_size () from /lib/                           
#1 0x0808b934 in KeyAuthentication (ip=0xa073140) at proto.c:434
#2 0x08058af3 in OpenServerConnection (ip=0xa073140) at client.c:86             
                                 #3 0x08053ff7 in MakeImages () at do.c:2425
#4 0x0804d650 in DoTree (passes=2, info=0x809bc4f "Main Tree") at cfagent.c:1293
#5 0x0804b20c in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffc4ea4) at cfagent.c:182

(gdb) up
#1 0x0808b934 in KeyAuthentication (ip=0xa073140) at proto.c:434

(gdb) list proto.c:434,434
434 encrypted_len = RSA_size(server_pubkey);

(gdb) p server_pubkey                                                           
$1 = (RSA *) 0x0

(**) a patch

diff -rc cfengine-2.1.14/src/proto.c cfengine-2.1.14-patched/src/proto.c
*** cfengine-2.1.14/src/proto.c Sat Mar  5 08:03:36 2005
--- cfengine-2.1.14-patched/src/proto.c Mon Apr 25 15:39:17 2005
*** 407,412 ****
--- 407,413 ----
+    server_pubkey = RSAPublicKey_dup(newkey);

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