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RE: ChecksumDatabase more details wanted, /dev/random draining

From: Mark McCullough
Subject: RE: ChecksumDatabase more details wanted, /dev/random draining
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 14:08:42 -0500

On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 11:24 -0700, Eric Sorenson wrote:

> You can use PRNG or EGD as a randomness source, so you don't block on 
> generating new entropy. /dev/urandom is a nice workaround but there 
> isn't such thing on solaris afaik

In Solaris 8, see patch#111659 for a kernel /dev/random and /dev/urandom

For Solaris 9, I believe it was preinstalled, my Solaris 9 box has it
installed, so I know it is around.

Older versions of Solaris can look at ANDIrand, a similar package.

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