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Re: Newbie help with how to implement update andcfagent.conffiles

Subject: Re: Newbie help with how to implement update andcfagent.conffiles
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 07:33:49 -0400

>>> "Tim Nelson" <address@hidden> 05/19/05 11:24 PM >>>

Thanks for all those pointers.  I'll look at cfengine-masterconf.


>       I do want to particularly address one of your points, 
> though:
> > 8.  Test out (if possible) on the policy master.
>       BAD!  Test it out on a test machine.  If there's 
> something damaging in the configs, you do *not* want to 
> be rolling it our on your policy master.

I said that with the intention being that until you roll cfengine 
out, the policy master will be the only machine where you're running 
cfengine, so I figured that any conf files you have would be 
copied to a safe place for easy replacement.  I'm thinking more 
in terms of a purely local cfengine deployment in a testing 
phase before rolling it out to other machines.  That way you can 
test out the copy, tidy, link, etc. basic processes to make 
sure they work as expected.

>       Having said that, my policy master uses the same 
> configs as everything else at the moment :).  When we get 
> our setup here working properly with staging servers and all, 
> maybe we'll be able to put our cfengine conf in different 
> classes too.  But until then...

I would expect the policy master to be treat as a regular client.

<snip> - Wow - lots of good information.  Always learning...


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