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Re: update.conf not copying cfagent.conf?

Subject: Re: update.conf not copying cfagent.conf?
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 07:26:42 -0400

>>> "Tim Nelson" <address@hidden> 05/20/05 12:06 AM >>>
>       Hopefully my other post answered this question; if not, 
> could you rephrase?
>       Other options would be using an expect script to copy 
> update.conf across, or using kickstart/jumpstart + a copy of 
> update.conf.

Yep, that got it.   Although I've run into the problem on my Solaris 
boxes where the package 2.1.13 is core dumping 
when running from cron (or as a daemon), but will run from the 
command line fine.  I don't have the option of switching to blastware 
for packaging, so my only other options are to try to get Steve 
to build cfengine at 2.1.14 or roll my own.


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