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RE: server iteration

From: Luke Youngblood
Subject: RE: server iteration
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 09:28:53 -0400

Hey, I really like the idea of copy templating that's presented in that web
page.  It would eliminate a lot of redundant lines from my cfagent.conf
file, and make copy statements a lot easier to read.

I'm not so sure about the Action templating idea though.  The problem is
this:  With a copy statement, using DefaultCopyType = ( checksum ), the file
will only be copied if the checksum differs from the master.  The checksum
is easy to check, because the file should be exactly the same as it is on
the master.  If you are using Action Templating and some perl code to
"customize" each config file for that particular server, now the checksum
will never match, and the copy statement will be invoked every single time,
causing bandwidth issues, as well as chewing up quite a bit of CPU time
invoking perl for every config file on every cfagent run.  How do you work
around this issue?

Great ideas though.


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        That's why we need Templating in the next version of cfengine:

        Warning; the above documents a number of different templating 

        Naturally, I like the Action Templating one, as that's my idea :).

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