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RE: Solaris cron audit problem

Subject: RE: Solaris cron audit problem
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 11:18:24 -0400

While not the greatest solution to be constantly restarting cron, 
it is a solution I guess I'll have to live with until a better solution

comes along...


Is there some way I can tell cfengine to not restart cron from
if there is not a modification to the crontab?  Or, do I just push out

a cfagent.conf without a line to restart cron?

Is there a reserved command to restart cron, or would I need to 
do something like:

make the edits to cron (under editfiles:)
remove the resulting edit file from
remove the file from /var/spool/cron/crontabs
restart cron ("cron" restart "/usr/sbin/cron")

This seems like an incredibly ugly way to accomplish a fairly simple
Am I missing some steps, or is this one of those times when it just has
be that way because I'm not using PAM authentication and need to undo 
the audit/security stuff employed by Solaris?


>>> "Baker, Darryl" <address@hidden> 05/27/05 10:21 AM >>>
I believe the other way around it is to remove the .au files from the
crontab directory and restart cron whenever cfengine makes an edit to
crontab file.

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> Subject: Solaris cron audit problem
> More fun...
> I finally have 2.1.14 running for the most part.  When I set 
> cfagent to
> make an entry 
> to the crontab, I get this in my /var/cron/log:
> !cron audit problem. job failed (x/x/x) for user root 
> After doing some googling, I've tracked it down to a combination of 
> Solaris, BMS (audit/security), and openssh.  Apparently my only 
> options are to turn off auditing or making crontab entries via 
> the console.  Neither of which are an option.  Any ideas?
> Switching to linux is sounding better and better...
> I'm not having these problems with those boxes...
> Paul
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