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RE: 2 Domains

From: Baker, Darryl
Subject: RE: 2 Domains
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 10:44:01 -0400

My problem is that the machines have no other differences than a new domain.
Same IP ranges, etc..

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To: Baker, Darryl
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Subject: Re: 2 Domains

Baker, Darryl wrote:

> By corporate edict we are putting all our new machines into a new
> TLD. All the existing machines will stay in the current domain for
> the foreseeable future. Since we will be administering them from one
> host with the same rules it would be nice not to have to duplicate the
> configuration.
> Does the domain directive take more than one domain? If not how else
> can I avoid having to duplicate everything?


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