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gathering reports

From: Michael Grubb
Subject: gathering reports
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 15:46:28 -0500

I am fairly new to cfengine, I did some searching of the mailing list and wiki and didn't find anything quite like what I'm wanting to do.

I am trying to build a solution, using cfengine as the framework, for auditing host configurations and then based on the results of the audit, bring the host into compliance with the policy. The second part is easy. But I'm a little lost on the first part. I'm not quite sure the best approach to take with reporting, and then taking the data from each system and rolling that into a report. For instance I would like to know what version of script x is running on our hosts, but I don't want to have to look at the output of each host individually I would like to gather the information from each host and roll that into a report. My specific question to you is, what is the best way of getting this information back to the "master" host. At first I thought of having a section that would create a temporary report file that can be written to by all the different checks that have to be done, and then having the "master" host copy this report file from the "run" host and then roll the reports that way, but then the problem is, the master host doesn't necessarily know what the temporary file's name is. Another option that could work, is using syslog to collect the data, but I'd rather stay away from that if I can.

I'm sure I've been about as clear as mud, so feel free to bash me and request more information.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Grubb

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