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ResetSearch doesn't work as expected

From: Berthold Cogel
Subject: ResetSearch doesn't work as expected
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 15:37:15 +0200
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cfagent reference says:

ResetSearch quoted-string
Sets the current-position pointer to the line number in the quoted string. `EOF' indicates the end of the file.

I try to append a file at the end of another.

If I use ResetSearch "EOF" or ResetSearch "EOF" to set the position pointer to the end of the file, I get error messages:

Begin editing /var/cfengine/config/mail/aliases.edit
Illegal reset value: EOF
ResetSearch Failed in /var/cfengine/config/mail/aliases.edit, aborting editing
End editing /var/cfengine/config/mail/aliases.edit

I don't get this error if I use ResetSearch EOF. But it still doesn't work as expected. Instead the include file is inserted after the first line of the original file.

Version: cfengine-2.1.15


   { ${configroot}/mail/aliases.edit
      Backup 'off'

      ResetSearch EOF

      InsertFile "${configroot}/mail/${host}"



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