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How to organize directories and files for a config file repository?

From: Mark
Subject: How to organize directories and files for a config file repository?
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 10:56:07 -0700

Hi everybody,

last week I had some problems with the copy action copying subdirectories I did 
not want... I still havent found a fix.
But here is a different approach - I actually used that one for something else 
in parallel and it seems to work so far.

I figured since I can not do a recursive file-repository like this:
  |     |-some_other_subdir

I could flaten the directory structure and do this instead:


and then keep the files in that structure...
The only problem I would run into would be length restrictions if the depth of 
my directory-structure or the length of the directory
names drive the length of the resulting name beyond whatever the limit is...

I would still have ALL config files any machine (or better class) would ever 
need thrown together in the directory it goes into and
then just use includes/ignores to select the ones I need for each class. That 
way all the files are in the same place.
If I have two (or more) classes that need different versions of the same file, 
I would add a postfix to the name and then rename
them during or after the copy action ( for example ldap.conf.___class1___ and 

Any comments on this idea?



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