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port switch during connecting

From: Erik ten Napel
Subject: port switch during connecting
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:55:35 +0200

My cfagent (cfengine version 2.1.15) can not connect to the policy server (cfengine version 2.1.15) during the update.conf part. While trying to copy conf files from the policy server it generates the next error: Checking copy from to /var/cfengine/inputs
Connect to =, port =5308
cfengine:: Couldn't connect to host
cfengine:: Couldn't open a socket
cfengine:: Unable to establish connection with (failover)

Cfagent is installed on CygWin. The policy server is a Linux machine.
The logs that cfagent produces tell it is connecting to port 5308. But a tcpdump trace at the policy server only shows connection attemps to port 48148. Even cfagent logs generagted with the parameters -d1 and -d2 do not report anything about port 48148.

- I can connect with ssh to the policy server.

- I did try the patch at:
But it still has the same problem.

- I did scan the reference for anything to push a port number. But I can not find anything like that.

Can someone help me with this problem?


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