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RE: [cfEngine] one master server - multiple SITE configuration

From: Zeev Fisher
Subject: RE: [cfEngine] one master server - multiple SITE configuration
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:13:59 +0300


I have exact situation. Below you will find my solution.

I define group under the name of the site. I know in which site I'm in
according to the IP ( using IPRange ). Then I declare variable with the
name of the site.

When I copy file for example, I insert $(site) into the path and copy
the relevant file. For example, if you have different httpd.conf file
for different sites, I would do:

$(masterfiles)/$(site)/httpd.conf dest=/etc/apache/httpd.conf

Zeev Fisher
Marvell Semiconductor Israel Ltd

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Subject: [cfEngine] one master server - multiple SITE configuration


I have tried to find if somebody has such situation (none found for

    * ONE cfengine master host
    * Many cfengine client hosts BUT for TWO different ${site} setup,
      both ${site}s are located within same ISP network (so domainname
      is same!)
    * Is that possible (since we might want to have two completely
      different httpd.conf template files, and to edit them according to
    * Does anybody can point to some solution?

Regards ;-)

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