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How to bind cfservd to a different port?

From: Mark
Subject: How to bind cfservd to a different port?
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:09:34 -0700


I have a small problem:
So far I had a server running cfservd with one version of cfservd.conf and the 
clients (on other machines) with another different
Now I want to move the server instance onto one of the client machines, so that 
machine now will be both client and server.

However, since I have two different cfservd.conf versions, I have to run 2 
different cfservd instances.
I guess I'd probably have to move one of them to a different port than 5308 to 
run them parallel.
I tried to find an option to do this, but I'm not sure how!?
I tried "cfservd --help" but did not see any option to specify a port.

How do I tell cfservd to listen to something other than 5308?
Or is there a better way to solve my problem (please don't say get server and 
client to run on the same cfservd.conf)?



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