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Re: Resolv.conf being maintained whether I like it or not

From: Marco van Beek
Subject: Re: Resolv.conf being maintained whether I like it or not
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:42:57 +0100
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That sounds more like your DHCP lease getting renewed than cfengine.

If it is something that always happens overnight, perhaps turning off cfengine on a spare machine and seeing if it still happens would remove any doubt that it is cfengine or not.

Also, if it only happens at night perhaps it is using a nightly hour class. If it only runs at night, no matter how many times you run cfagent manually, you will never see it happen unless you are there at the right time.

Also perhaps not all the clients have the updated files with the resolv stuff taken out. If it happens on absolutely all of the machines, and it stops happening when you turn off cfagent, then it is something somewhere in a cfengine config file. If it only happens on some machines, then it might well be a config file that has not updated itself properly. Don't forget cfagent will run every hour with whatever config it has if it can't get through to the server. You may have already fixed the problem but it might not have worked it's way to some clients.



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