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Re: [Cfengine] shellcommands: 3: Bad file descriptor]

From: Steve Wray
Subject: Re: [Cfengine] shellcommands: 3: Bad file descriptor]
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 07:48:05 +1200
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Russell Adams wrote:
> Here's how I configure APT to allow automated installation.

interesting stuff, but what I do is maintain a selections list (output
of dpkg --get-selections) on the cfengine server and manually change
this file to install, deinstall or purge packages.

When cfengine finds that it has to update this file on the client, it
(more or less) does an apt-get update and an apt-get dselect-upgrade.

This way, the package selections list is kept under version control,
adding and removing packages are unified into one cfengine script and
its fairly well abstracted; no need to tell cfengine anything about
which packages are installed or removed.

debconf on the client is configured to pull its config details in from
an LDAP database maintained on the cfengine server.

No muss, no fuss

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing
it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx

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