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Re: Cannot copy to MacOS 10.4 clients

From: James Harrison
Subject: Re: Cannot copy to MacOS 10.4 clients
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:57:07 -0500

I seem to be making some progress. I am still having trouble copying
files to the Macs.  I am now getting an "Image loop: file/dir...."

cfagent -q -d 2

indicates that it is attempting to use server=localhost and not
server=myserver.  I have server=myserver defined in my script.

Begin pass with server = localhost
Transformed server localhost into localhost
cf:cfengine::/var/cfengine/inputs/ Image loop: file/dir
copies to itself or missing destination file
   END InstallPending]

It then doesn't try to ever complete a pass using my defined server.

James Harrison, RHCE
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: Cannot copy to MacOS 10.4 clients Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:30:02 -0500
I'm now running 2.1.16a on the client (MacOS 10.4) and 2.1.15 on the

The problem persists.

I'm still getting the SIGPIPE errrors.

Also the server is logging:

cfservd[7876]: Denying connection from <client ip address>

The update.conf and other cf files copy fine.  I've checked forward and
reverse DNS.  The clients are in the proper group.

Sheesh, what could I be missing?

Like I said previously, I've tested an alternative Linux machine and the
files copy perfectly.

James Harrison, RHCE

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