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Bulk install of Sun .pkg Packages with CFEngine

From: Geoff Davis
Subject: Bulk install of Sun .pkg Packages with CFEngine
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 16:11:14 -0700

Does anyone have a script or other trick for doing bulk installations of Sun packages in streamed format, a.k.a. the .pkg files? The Sun pkgadd command won't let you specify multiple packages to install on the command line unless they are all unstreamed packages.

For example, if you have a bunch of .pkg files in /var/spool/pkg, you can't just say:
pkgadd -d /var/spool/pkg SUNWfoo SUNWbar SUNWbaz
because pkgadd isn't smart enough to look in the pile of .pkg files. It can only look in one .pkg file at a time with the -d option.

I'm hesitant to just copy the .pkg files over and then unstream them on the client because I really don't want to have the package lying around in two forms if I don't need to. By the same token, I don't want to unstream the packages on the CFEngine server due to CFEngine's inefficiency in copying multiple files over. I'd rather just copy over the single streamed package than multiple subdirectories.


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