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Re: User management

From: Jamie Wilkinson
Subject: Re: User management
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:45:06 +1000
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This one time, at band camp, Tim Nelson wrote:
>On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
>>This one time, at band camp, Matthew Palmer wrote:
>>>This *feels* like a dirty hack to me; there has to be a more cfengine way,
>>>but I'm not sure which method would be nicest.  Any suggestions?  Google
>>>(surprisingly) didn't give me much love with queries like "cfengine create
>>>user" and "cfengine manage users".
>>In a perfect world, this idiom would turn into a users: section, but alas
>>I've not yet had the time to write a patch.
>       You may both want to check out cfperl from Ted Zlatanov (sp?).

I have a strong feeling I've implemented something very similar, in python

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