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Cfengine simulator

From: Lionel Ostric
Subject: Cfengine simulator
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 18:04:30 -0000

    I'd like to create a web page where one could select classes and then click submit to see what cfengine would do on a machine where such classes are defined. The aim is to see what cfengine would do on a certain machine before installing cfengine on it ... This script would run on a totally different architecture and OS machine.
    I was thinking about running cfagent -n -H -v -Dredhat7 on a solaris machine (my policyhost) to see what would happen on a redhat 7 machine without installing cfengine on it ... but unfortunately cfagent do not want me to define Hard Classes like redhat7 using the -D flag ....
    Do you have an idea of what I could do ?

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