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RE: Locking for temporary ad-hoc changes?

From: Wil Cooley
Subject: RE: Locking for temporary ad-hoc changes?
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 14:21:32 -0800

On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 13:59 -0800, David Masterson wrote:

> The former -- but it won't work if you're doing checksum based copying.  I
> suppose you could simplify this by having update.conf define a class if a
> file exists and then only do copying if the class is not present.

Yes, and I use checksum almost exclusively.  I could, of course, use
'IfFileExists(foo.lock)' to define a class (or whatever the function
name is; I forget) and then only update if that class is not defined.
The problem is that I'd need to do such a thing for EVERY file, which
would not only be tedious to implement, it wouldn't be possible for
recursive directory copies.  Now that I think about it, however, it
might be doable to implement a host-wide lock with minimal changes to my
existing configuration.

> The idea is to temporarily tell cfagent to not do an update from the
> master while you're making local modifications.

Right.  And my opinion, and what I am asking Mark to consider, is that a
simple tool and a few changes in the existing code to check for and
report the locks would be better than increasing the complexity of
current configurations.

> As to the latter, that entails running cfservd locally and have the master
> copy changed files back.  It could then alert you to the changes and allow
> you to check them into your repository.

Yeah, I know it can be done like that, but my wish is for something


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