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Re: editfiles methodology question

From: Eli Stair
Subject: Re: editfiles methodology question
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 10:09:44 -0800
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I'm not the expert on this (as I haven't READ the relevant RFC's), but for instance when running Kerberos and Oracle (and probably other auth software as well) the best practice (and it's been stated RFC-compliant method) is to return FQDN for hostname lookups.

Not doing so will result in improper/non-functional Kerberos with tickets not applying to a host or service (been there). Oracle can break all authenticated connectivity (been there too). They even go so far as to recommend defining FQDN in /etc/hosts for all Oracle hosts to bypass any DNS/system-level problems with resolution.

Very over-simplified example, but a valid one I've had to deal with.


This is normal if you have fully qualified names returned by your
hostname lookup, which is not something I recommend.

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