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Synchronizing replicated data from an RCS to multiple cfengine servers..

From: Eli Stair
Subject: Synchronizing replicated data from an RCS to multiple cfengine servers...
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:37:16 -0800
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I'm moving from a haphazard model with all cfengine config and managed files sitting on disk in one place, and occasionally edited in-place... to storing the config tree and managed files in our Perforce system. I'm referencing the relevant articles here:

What I'm leaning towards is a push-model initiated udpate of the cfservd systems, forcing them to checkout commited (final) changes from the RCS. Files served by cfengine will be kept in a local ramdisk for speed reasons. The makefile method Jamie Wilkinson mentioned seems apropos, I like the NIS-like feel of being able to manage things behind the scenes and then with one command update the served-state, though I don't know make so will try it with Perl.

The only pitfalls I can forsee moving this direction are:
1 making sure the ramdisk size/state is sane before starting cfservd (lest you wipe the configs of every connecting host....)

2 handling checkout from the RCS and sanity-checking (make sure errorcodes from checkout are handled, and overwrite of existing data is aborted on error)

1 is trivial.
2 probably requires a bit more work that I think I'm expecting, as the consequences of replicating bad/incomplete/empty checkouts are severe.

Does anyone see (or experienced) any other issues that are likely to result from this? Any tips or suggestions on how you are handling a similar situation?



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