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Laptop & cfengine

From: Zeev Fisher
Subject: Laptop & cfengine
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 20:07:34 +0200

Hi cfengine users,


I have a working policy with cfengine for desktops & servers which I would like to extend to Linux laptops ( actually dual boot laptops )


Current installations are based mostly on the network. For example, /usr/local and other mounts that hold some other development tools.


Can anybody share his work on such a thing ? How actually you synchronize the source ( filer data , for example /usr/local ) and the laptop private /usr/local ?


User home directories ( on filer ) and authentication ( LDAP ) are on the network. How you deal with that ?


I will be happy to hear opinions on the above as well as other creative solutions.



Thanks in advance,


Marvell Semiconductor Israel Ltd

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