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Re: Laptop & cfengine

From: Jeremy Mates
Subject: Re: Laptop & cfengine
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 13:44:11 -0800
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* Zeev Fisher <address@hidden>
> Current installations are based mostly on the network. For example,
> /usr/local and other mounts that hold some other development tools.

Another approach: install via a package, e.g. via a .rpm or .msi.

> Can anybody share his work on such a thing ? How actually you
> synchronize the source ( filer data , for example /usr/local ) and the
> laptop private /usr/local ?

Assuming the laptop has space for everything under /usr/local, rsync
might be used. Or, put the software in packages, and let the
configuration management/user juggle what gets installed.

> User home directories ( on filer ) and authentication ( LDAP ) are on
> the network. How you deal with that ?

I use module:users, which "conducts" local user accounts according to
central policies. The module also lets me customize user account
information (shell, home directory) by cfengine class, so laptop class
systems can use a different home directory than NFS or AFS systems.

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