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Re: convergence and undoing changes

From: Mark Burgess
Subject: Re: convergence and undoing changes
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 12:12:01 +0100

Actually, I think this is an excellent suggestion. Better to reset to a
safe state (like Windows safe login) in case of serious error.


On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 11:00 +0000, Marco van Beek wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to add further confusion into the equation, I am managing ShoreWall 
> via CFEngine. If you get that wrong you can never undo the changes 
> because the client can no longer contact the server, so you have to 
> correct it manually.
> Perhaps one solution would be to look at a panic script that would run 
> in certain events. It would enable a user to write a cfengine script 
> that (for example, in my case) would disable the firewall, run 
> update.conf to download the latest cfengine files from the server, and 
> restart the firewall again.
> The other thing I have managed to do is to edit cfservd.conf in the 
> repository, with a configuration that denied all connections, and then 
> had to edit the live copy to get it all to work again (which was then 
> promptly overwritten by the bad version again. duh!).
> Regards,
> Marco.

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