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Long standing copy bug?

From: Adam M. Dunn
Subject: Long standing copy bug?
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:52:12 -0600 (CST)

Hi all.
  I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but it could also be a misprint in the
documentation.  Either that or I can't read.

For a long while I've noticed the ignore option while using the copy/purge
action does not do what the manual says it does.  I've been using
cfengine since version 2.1.10, and would love to be able to keep some
files from being purged in the target directory, but I've yet to be able
to do that.  The manual says:

"If the purge option is used in copying, then the 'ignore' option has the
effect of the excluding files from the purge, i.e. ignore means `keep' the
named files."

Yet, if I use ignore it has no effect, and my files are still purged.  I
think I commented about this several versions ago, but something is still
broken.  If I'm right, one of the two (manual or cfengine) needs to be
fixed. I would much prefer it be cfengine because this functionality would
be great, and I need it!

Here's a simple example of one of my many copies that still purge files I
don't want it to.  The example here is from an update.conf.  For instance
I want a text file alerting people so they don't accidentally modify
policies in /var/cfengine/inputs rather do it in 
/var/cfengine/masterfiles/inputs.  What happens here is the file gets
purged and recreated everytime, whereas is should be created once and
ignored from purge thereafter according to the manual.  This works, but it
seems sensless to have to recreate the file everytime cfengine runs!  And
this is just one example, I've never gotten this to work with any sort of




                                  o=root g=root m=0600


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