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cfrun problems with old cfengine version

From: Salvatore Enrico Indiogine
Subject: cfrun problems with old cfengine version
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 22:47:27 -0600

cfengine version 1.6.x on Linux RH7.1 and RH9.   Yes, old version on
old distributions.  At the moment I am not able to upgrade, but it is
in the works.

sudo /usr/sbin/cfrun -d1 --no-splay

in /var/log/messages of the RH7.1 computer (cfenginesrv) where I run cfrun from:

Received signal SIGPIPE
cfengine:computername[24728]: Transmission failed/refused talking to
cfenginesrv:/admin/cfenginesrv/usr/local/sbin/ in stat
cfengine:computername[24728]: send: Broken pipe
cfengine:computername[24728]: Can't stat
/admin/cfenginesrv/usr/local/sbin/ in copy

and then:

cfd[25316]: cfd: couldn't open checksum database
cfd[25316]: db_open: Bad file descriptor

While on the RH9 computer /var/log/messages:

send: Broken pipe
cfengine:othercomputer[32332]: Can't stat
/admin/cfenginesrv/etc/cron.weekly/ in copy
cfengine:othercomputer[32332]: Received signal SIGPIPE
cfengine:othercomputer[32332]: Transmission failed/refused talking to
cfenginesrv:/admin/cfenginesrv/etc/cron.daily/ in stat

We have about 20 more computers in the same cfrun.hosts that give no
error messages.

Thanks in advance for your kind help.

Enrico Indiogine
Parasol Laboratory
Texas A&M University


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