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Re: Setting default variable

From: Paul Krizak
Subject: Re: Setting default variable
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 09:04:13 -0600
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Couldn't you just use "any" for that?

        var1 = default
        var2 = default
        var3 = default

        var1 = new value

        var2 = new value

        var3 = new value

This would give you "defaults" without having to explicitly state things like "!var1class".

If you want to suppress warnings about overwriting variables, put in something like

AllowRedefinitionOf = ( var1 var2 var3 )

in the control section.

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Zeev Fisher wrote:
Hi All,

I would like to declare default variable and then overwrite it only if some class is true for the host.
Current way that I know to implement it is :


        variable = default


        variable = variable_value

This way I need all the time to add to the list of exclude new classes.
What I need is to have default value and only if there's a need to define other value , it will be defined

Thanks a lot



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