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cfagent problem

From: Luiz Gustavo Anflor Pereira
Subject: cfagent problem
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 14:11:15 -0200 (GMT-02:00)

Hi all

I am new, hope i am not repeating some thread...

Anyway, i have this scenario: my /home is mounted on a nfs server machine. Sometimes, by some reason, this /home is momentary lost. Cfexecd is running on background as a daemon, and it happens to be executed when the nfs is down (os lost, or..). When this occurs, it seems that cfagent hungs up, not terminating.

When i run from command line ps ax | grep cf, i see

3291 ?        S      0:00 /var/cfengine/bin/cfagent -Dfrom_cfexecd

and when the situation is bad, many lines like that.

How can i tell the cfagent, or cfexecd, to kill itself, or to finish, when this situation occurs? Is there something like a time-out?

any help will be usefull... thanks.

Luiz Gustavo

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