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Re: 2.1.17 memory leaks and other problems in cfservd

From: Pete Wright
Subject: Re: 2.1.17 memory leaks and other problems in cfservd
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 17:37:56 -0800
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Mark Burgess wrote:

It's great that you have these tools! THanks for this. I think the
important leak is occurring during connection. I have made some patches
to the svn and snapshot versions now (snapshot takes 1/2 hr to update).
If you have any way of testing the running code it would be great!!


I would be interested in testing out these patches, is there an easy way that someone can recommend in stress testing cfengine to see if the leaks are being addressed (I am currently working on a methodology to test scalability of cfengine in our environment). Or is this something that you would need to run through insure++ or some such tool? If so let me know and I will see if I can find resources to do so.


On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 15:09 -0500, Joe Buehler wrote:
Here are some memory leaks found with insure++.  They just cover
cfservd startup; I haven't actually done anything with the
running cfservd yet...

1. AddAuthHostItem creates a list with SplitStringAsItemList
but never frees the list.  Note that parts of the list are
re-used (ip->name) so the list cannot just be wholesale deleted.

\"/home/project-releases/tmp/cfengine-2.1.17/src/install.c\", line 6243:
 Memory leaked leaving scope: malloc(sizeof(struct Item))

 Lost block : 0x200d28d8 thru 0x200d28f7 (32 bytes)
              malloc(sizeof(struct Item)), allocated at item.c, 316
                         malloc()  (interface)
                     AppendItem()  item.c, 316
          SplitStringAsItemList()  item.c, 1138
                AddAuthHostItem()  install.c, 6231
                InstallAuthPath()  install.c, 6208
                InstallAuthItem()  install.c, 5164
               HandleServerRule()  parse.c, 909
                          yylex()  cflex.l, 501
                        yyparse()  bison.simple, 432
                      ParseFile()  parse.c, 1051
                 ParseInputFile()  parse.c, 82
                           main()  cfservd.c, 144
                        __start()  crt0main.s

2. In cfservd.c:

if (StrStr(VSYSNAME.nodename,ToLowerStr(VDOMAIN)))

The problem is that StrStr() calls ToLowerStr() internally
and that function returns a pointer to a static area.  ToLowerStr
should be rewritten to use a buffer passed in as a parameter.

\"/home/project-releases/tmp/cfengine-2.1.17/src/cfservd.c\", line 416:
if (StrStr(VSYSNAME.nodename,ToLowerStr(VDOMAIN)))
 Copying dangling pointer: StrStr

 Pointer : 0x2ff1e324
 In block: 0x2ff1e324 thru 0x2ff1f323 (4096 bytes)
                 buf1, declared at patches.c, 59
                  popped off stack at patches.c, 63

 Stack trace where the error occurred:
                 CheckVariables()  cfservd.c, 416
                           main()  cfservd.c, 148
                        __start()  crt0main.s

3. nodename[] may not have any '.' characters in it -- note that
if I recall correctly it may not be null-terminated either.

\"/home/project-releases/tmp/cfengine-2.1.17/src/cfservd.c\", line 420:
  while(VSYSNAME.nodename[i++] != '.')
 Reading array out of range: VSYSNAME.nodename[i++]

 Index used : 32

 Valid range: 0 thru 31 (inclusive)

 Stack trace where the error occurred:
                 CheckVariables()  cfservd.c, 420
                           main()  cfservd.c, 148
                        __start()  crt0main.s

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