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Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????

From: Matthew Palmer
Subject: Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 10:54:57 +1100
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On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 02:47:47PM -0800, Friendly Tourney wrote:
>   I am using Cfengine on a bunch of linux boxes, everything is working great. 
> I can push changes etc , it is wonderful. I am also using the "freespace" 
> function for tracking diskspace usage on all the linux machines. 
>   I was wondering if i can leverage cfengine to monitor cpu usage, memory 
> usage etc. I realise that,it is not designed to be Network MONITORING Tool. 
> What is a good approach, do i use mrtg along with cfengine ? Any ideas from 
> users with large setups ?
>   Ofcourse , i can use sar, top, vmstat, iostat etc on the linux box and use 
> the stats from that data via cfengine , but that will involve a lot of work 
> to make gui's etc.

The Right Tool For The Job, in this case, is Nagios, either with it's own
NRPE-based resource monitoring, or SNMP-based monitoring.  The SNMP way is
cleaner, but it does require the proper configuration of more different
technologies than NRPE/Nagios.

(All way off-topic for a cfengine list, though, of course)
- Matt

You have a 16-bit quantity, but 5 bits of it are here and 2 bits of it are
there... and 2 bits of it are back here and 3 bits of it are up there.  The
C code to extract useful data had so many >> and << operators in it that it
looked like the C++ version of "hello world".   -- Matt Roberds, ASR

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