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Re: defaultroute problem with multiple network interfaces

From: Steve Sizemore
Subject: Re: defaultroute problem with multiple network interfaces
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 15:59:23 -0800
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Thanks for the response.

On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 02:44:35PM -0800, Atom Powers wrote:
> Maybe:
> ----
> defaultroute:
>    128_32_183.!169_229_58::
>        169_229_58.!128_32_183.::

I don't understand what the extra "." is supposed to be doing, but
it does seem to make a difference. This stops the error messages,
because the host with dual NICs is now not in either of those
classes.  However, if I add it back explicitly, the errors come
back, so the problem isn't solved.

What does the trailing . on the class mean?

> use cfagent -qv to see which classes are getting defined.

Yes, I always do that in testing mode, and I can see that both 128_32_183
and 169_229_58 are defined for that host.

Steve Sizemore <steve (at)>, (510) 642-8570
Unix System Manager
    Dept. of Mathematics and College of Letters and Science
    University of California, Berkeley

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