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Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????

From: rader
Subject: Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 08:57:13 -0600

Hi Mark,

 > This is not way off topic for cfengine. Cfenvd performs a certain kind
 > of monitoring, and recently the people from SLAC wrote cfetool which is
 > supposed to use some of the cfengine in an rrdtool kind of way --
 > although it is so poorly documented that Ihave no idea how it works.

That seems awkward: the majority of /var/cfengine/state/env_data
data points are averages, and thus rrdool would average the averages.

 > I am hoping to get a student to make a web-based monitor using cfenvd
 > soon.



I would love to dump Net-SNMP snmpd.  It's configuration management
(even automated with cfengine!) is rather ugly, and it don't work
reliabily under heavy workloads (i.e. SNMP is UDP based.)  But I
can't because cfenvd isn't generally extensible.  Perhaps cfengine
v3's cfenvd could have a configuration mechanism for gathering
additional data?

- - - 
systems & network manager
high energy physics
university of wisconsin

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