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Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: Cfengine for Monitoring ????
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 12:27:20 -0500
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> I am using Cfengine on a bunch of linux boxes, everything is working
> great. I can push changes etc , it is wonderful. I am also using the
> "freespace" function for tracking diskspace usage on all the linux
> machines.
> I was wondering if i can leverage cfengine to monitor cpu usage,
> memory usage etc. I realise that,it is not designed to be Network
> MONITORING Tool.  What is a good approach, do i use mrtg along with
> cfengine ? Any ideas from users with large setups ?
> Ofcourse , i can use sar, top, vmstat, iostat etc on the linux box
> and use the stats from that data via cfengine , but that will
> involve a lot of work to make gui's etc.

Well, the "cfenvd" program collects some stuff like that; making use
of it is still at the "primitive" stage.

cfengine wasn't really intended for doing monitoring, per se; the
sorts of tools you might want to look at that *were* designed for that
would be Nagios (which looks for "events") and MRTG (which collects
statistics, and can notice things leaping past boundaries).
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