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How to use iteration over list variable in copy action ?

From: Yves Blusseau
Subject: How to use iteration over list variable in copy action ?
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:28:41 +0100

Hi, all,

I want to use a list to copy some files.
The tutorial manual said that the list can be use only in the "from" field 
of a copy action:
It is convenient to be able to use such variables to force cfagent to 
iterative over a list. This gives us a compact way of writing repeated 
operations and it allows a simple method of communication with the shell 
environment. For security reasons, iteration is supported only in the 
following contexts:

  a.. in the `from' field of a copy action
I write this little script:
  ...  control:                listOfFiles = ( foo:bar:baz )  ...  copy: 
any::       $(my_cfconfigs)/files/$(listOfFiles) 
dest=/tmp/$(listOfFiles)           mode=0444           server=$(policyhost) 

But the above fails, since it try to copy every files (foo, then bar, then 
baz) to /tmp/foo:bar:baz (the list in dest isn't split).
So how to write a copy action with a list of source files ?

Thanks in advance.

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