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What not to do... dumb question for those who might try to do things the

From: SiliconSlick
Subject: What not to do... dumb question for those who might try to do things the smart way...
Date: 12 Jan 2006 15:52:56 -0800
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Howdy all,

We've been using cfengine 1.6.x for quite some time and have pondered
the upgrade to 2.x but managed to put it off.  Its inclusion in some of
the newer Linux distros, however, has motivated us to move forward.

So, I built RPMS of 2[*] to coexist with our RPMS of 1[*] by appending
a '2' to conflicting names, changing the service to "cfengine2" and
changing the port to 5309.   Probably overkill on the port change but I
just wanted to be able to run cfd (v1) and cfservd (v2) on all systems
while we transition.

In any case... to the point...

Don't try adding something like this to your version 1.x cfengine.conf
to start version 2.x's cfservd:

    "/bin/cp /admin/cfenginesrv/var/cfengine/inputs/cfservd.conf
    "/etc/rc.d/init.d/cfservd restart"

and then running version 1's cfrun to push it out or you'll end
up with a network full of systems giving:

Jan 11 10:31:14 joefriday cfservd[31063]:  Input file
/etc/cfengine/cfservd.conf missing or busy..
Jan 11 10:31:14 joefriday cfservd[31063]:  /etc/cfengine/cfservd.conf:
No such file or directory

if CFINPUTS was set in cfd's environment (it is here).

Somehow cfservd inherits it from cfengine which was invoked from the
destination client's cfd.  Our CFINPUTS for v1 is /etc/cfengine but for
v2 it is /var/cfengine/inputs.

It's lots of fun.  I shoulda hacked it to be CFINPUTS2...

Anyway... the dumb question...

Anyone else ever done this?

SiliconSlick (who just wanted to share since all his Google searches
didn't quite give a solution)


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