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Re: cfservd not creating

Subject: Re: cfservd not creating
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:33:40 -0500

I was just going off the Big Admin docs to write a cfservd and cfenvd 
startup script.  I've run into a problem where I keep starting 
multiple copies of cfservd because the pid doesn't exist.  

I've just got to stop thinking of cfservd and cfenvd as processes 
that need to be stopped and started during the normal running 
of the system.  Is this the way I should be thinking?


>>> "Mark Burgess" <address@hidden> 01/17/06 2:13 PM >>>
Cfengine does not store this because the data is in a lock database,
fact. But it would be easy to add if people thought it were a useful
thing. Generally speaking I would use cfengine to kill things - then
don't need the pid :-)


On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 11:12 -0500, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
> I have a small problem where starting up does 
> not get created upon startup.  Is one create?  I've looked 
> in /var/run/ and /var/cfengine, but not coming up with it.
> I have a cfservd startup script, but since no pid exists, 
> the status command isn't working because no pid is found.
> Should one be created by starting up cfservd?
> Paul
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