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Re: cfservd not creating

Subject: Re: cfservd not creating
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:13:16 -0500

>>> "Jeremy Mates" <address@hidden> 01/17/06 1:52 PM >>>
> > * PAUL WILLIAMSON <address@hidden>
> > I have a cfservd startup script, but since no pid exists, the 
> > status command isn't working because no pid is found. 
> > Should one be created by starting up cfservd?
> Why not just run cfengine at startup (e.g. from rc.local, or 
> a init script that runs cfexecd -F), and let cfengine 
> determine whether or not cfservd needs to run?

That's essentially what I was trying to do.  The documentation 
is very good on explaining what options are there, but no 
recommendation on which is the best way.  I wasn't sure if 
running cfservd at startup was best, or cfexecd.  Once I get past 
that, I'll have a little easier time.

I'm just having a hard time letting go of the 
/etc/init.d/<processname> (in this case cfenvd or cfservd) mentality 
to managing the process for cfengine.

Is it normal to feel this confused about cfengine?  Probably not, as 
I'm working on just a few hours of sleep after staying up my 
my sick daughter...


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