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Re: RCSs and CFEngine

From: Scott Lackey
Subject: Re: RCSs and CFEngine
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:37:23 -0500

 I' ve had a pretty good experience using CVS, except when changes get merged, that always breaks something and causes a headache, so if you have multiple admins accessing the same configs, this could cause a problem. SVN is generally better because it has "truly atomic commits" that use the features of the filesystem to ensure locks and whatnot. The main problem with this, though, is that SVN requries that you not use an NFS or otherwise shared partition. It has to be a "real" ufs, ext3 etc.. partition, which ruled it out for me more than once. I usually just use CVS and hope for the best.

On 1/17/06, Marco van Beek <address@hidden > wrote:
I came across this a while ago as a nice way of using RCS to help push
out CFEngine updates:



Atom Powers wrote:
> Highly recommended and easy to do.
> I've been using SVN for my repository for several months. I love it.
> The only problem I've run into is one time when I changed the location
> of my repository and had to manually change my update.conf on each
> sysntem to point to the new location (so it could download a new
> update.conf).
> I know others have used CVS etc.
> On 1/17/06, Jason Martin < address@hidden> wrote:
>>Has anyone had any good / bad experiences when using a revision
>>control system (cvs, arch, subversion, etc) to store CFEngine
>>configuration? I know CVS is rather picky about adding /
>>deleting directories, and was wondering what experiences others
>>have had with various systems.
>>Thank you,
>>-Jason Martin
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