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Re: More info on multi-homed problem

From: Eli Stair
Subject: Re: More info on multi-homed problem
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:20:47 -0800
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It may be completely irrelevant, but that's one of two issues I've seen with multiple instances of cfagent clobbering each other (somewhat) silently. The other is the correct "denying multiple connections" errors...

This was happening to me when cfexecd running in daemon mode was firing off a cfagent at the same time as a cron'd cfexecd->cfagent.

Just a thought.


Here's the output from cfagent -q -v:

Checking copy from <policyhost>:/var/cfengine/masterfiles/inputs to
Connect to comrcu02emsprod = x.x.x.x on port 5308
Updating last-seen time for <policyhost>
Loaded /var/cfengine/ppkeys/
cfengine:: Couldn't send
cfengine:: send
cfengine:: Received signal 13 (SIGPIPE) while doing [no_active_lock]
cfengine:: Logical start time Wed Jan 18 11:56:21 2006
cfengine:: This sub-task started really at Wed Jan 18 11:56:21 2006

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