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Re: More info on multi-homed problem

From: Jeremy Green
Subject: Re: More info on multi-homed problem
Date: 18 Jan 2006 17:42:04 -0800
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I also have difficulty managing dual homed machines.  We manage a
distribution across a corporate network, but also have machines one a
private network.

The authentication does appear to be dependant on the interface.  If I
run cfengine on one interface and then the other, I need to delete the
keys on the cfengine master.  My limitied experience with this has
suggested that the interface and IP used must remain the same for the
machine, or the key must be removed and a new key trusted.

The administrator who did the installation has made a group in which we
specify which machine is distributed via which interface.  In the links
section, he then links a different update.conf depending on the
interface to use.  I don't like this manual approach to specifying the
interface to use and would appreciate any feedback on how to do this
sensibly.  This sounds similar to the issues you are facing.

- Jeremy

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