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cfexecd from cron - pt.3

Subject: cfexecd from cron - pt.3
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 09:24:43 -0500

Just to keep things moving on the list (which is 
getting frustrating, btw), I figured that adding 
childlibpath wouldn't hurt anything, so I added it.

I'm still getting the problem:

Your "cron" job on <host>
/usr/local/sbin/cfexecd -F

produced the following output: /usr/local/sbin/cfexecd: fatal: open 
failed: No such file or directory

I added the following line to the control section of cfservd.conf:

        childlibpath = ( /usr/local/lib:/usr/local/ssl/lib )

I figure the first one is for good measure, the ssl/lib entry is 
where my libcrypto libraries are from version 0.9.8.  If 
I run cfexecd or cfagent from the command line, all is well. 
When I try to have cron run cfexecd, I get the fatal error 
in my e-mail.  Obviously there is an LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem, 
but childlibpath doesn't seem to fix it.  I've followed what 
the docs say to do, so I'm at a bit of a loss for how to fix this one.

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