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cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment

From: Jason Edgecombe
Subject: cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 11:42:47 -0500
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I've been running cfengine on about 50 Mac's running OS 10.3 (Panther) for at least 6 months now. We also have lots of mixed distro linux boxen.

Various forces have aligned as to push the cfengine Mac deployment to the top of my todo list. BTW, I work at a university. I would guestimate that we have 200-400 Mac's to deploy to.

I'd like to hear the experience of others who have done mass-deployment of cfengine on Mac's before.

These are unmanaged Mac's. Most were installed from an image, but no management hooks are in place now. apple Remote Desktop/remote login is not an option because it isn't enabled on most.

The Plan:
The plan is for myself and an handful of co-workers and student workers to touch each machine and install cfengine. Installing by hand on the command-line isn't really an option because of the skill-levels involved. I plan to create a Mac-installable pkg file that can be double-clicked and will perform the install.

I'm looking for any advice that anyone may have, from creating the package to deployment. We have a working set of cfengine inputs, so that isn't a big problem. I also have a working cfengine rev .14 binary. I figure that is well tested and I can upgrade later.

I don't currently have any Intel Mac's, but has anyone played with cfengine on any of the new Intel Mac's? Has anyone create cfengine as a universal binary? Any advice on these things would be appreciated.

Jason Edgecombe

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