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Re: cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment

From: Jason Edgecombe
Subject: Re: cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 20:30:03 -0500
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Hi Paul,

That's similar to what I'm trying.

I'm trying to use the native Mac packaging. Unfortunately, it isn't as robust as rpm or others. Getting rpm or other packaging systems on the machines would be too much trouble.

The end goal is to run an inventory gathering script on every host. Since we have no way in place to remotely do this, we have to touch each machine. If we have to touch each machine, it only makes sense to install cfengine in the process.

I'm using PackageMaker from the Mac Developer Tools, and I have a mostly working package that's very customized.


I'd say use some sort of package mechanism, get that installed on every machine first. Some choices might be yum, apt-get or rpm. Then once you've got that built, have that be the clickable, installable item and deal with installing cfengine second. It might be a pain at first, but the payoff for having something that can manage the packages in addition to distributing them would be very valuable.

Plus, if you install cfengine via rpm or pkg-get, you'll be able to manage cfengine via itself as well.


"Jason Edgecombe" <address@hidden> 01/19/06 11:42 AM


I've been running cfengine on about 50 Mac's running OS 10.3 (Panther)

for at least 6 months now. We also have lots of mixed distro linux

Various forces have aligned as to push the cfengine Mac deployment to the top of my todo list. BTW, I work at a university. I would guestimate that we have 200-400 Mac's to deploy to.

I'd like to hear the experience of others who have done mass-deployment

of cfengine on Mac's before.

These are unmanaged Mac's. Most were installed from an image, but no management hooks are in place now. apple Remote Desktop/remote login is

not an option because it isn't enabled on most.

The Plan:
The plan is for myself and an handful of co-workers and student workers

to touch each machine and install cfengine. Installing by hand on the command-line isn't really an option because of the skill-levels involved. I plan to create a Mac-installable pkg file that can be double-clicked and will perform the install.

I'm looking for any advice that anyone may have, from creating the package to deployment. We have a working set of cfengine inputs, so that isn't a big problem. I also have a working cfengine rev .14 binary. I figure that is well tested and I can upgrade later.

I don't currently have any Intel Mac's, but has anyone played with cfengine on any of the new Intel Mac's? Has anyone create cfengine as a

universal binary? Any advice on these things would be appreciated.

Jason Edgecombe

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