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Bug in BeginGroupIfLineContaining?

From: Michael Kingsbury
Subject: Bug in BeginGroupIfLineContaining?
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:20:16 -0500

So the following section in editfiles always results in the EndGroup
error below.  I fear either there's a bug, or I'm mis-interpreting the
docs, as I think this should work:

        {   /raid1/home/mk/testcf/testnis
        ###  Password
        LocateLineMatching  "passwd:.*"
        BeginGroupIfLineContaining "nis"
           AppendToLineIfNotContains "blah blah blah"


>>Looking for an input file /home/mk/testcf/nonis.conf
>>cf:cfengine::/home/mk/testcf/nonis.conf:122: EndGroup without Begin
>>cf:cfengine::/home/mk/testcf/nonis.conf:124: Editfiles Begin/End
mismatch before or at line
>>Finished with /home/mk/testcf/nonis.conf


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