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standalone cfagent script execution

From: Peter Daum
Subject: standalone cfagent script execution
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 11:25:23 +0100
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Is there any way to use cfagent (or is there any stripped down
version of cfagent) to simply execute a script?
There has been a similar question on this list in the past (see "Does a standalone editfiles command tool exist?") but no answer
so far.

Some parts of cfengine would be pretty for me (I assume, for others, too),
but I have no use for the whole infrastructure that is normally expected
(server, scheduler ...).

I did some experiments with "cfagent -c <some script>" - it works more
or less, but whines about the missing host key and creates a directory
tree below "var/cfengine" (which for my purposes would be pretty annoying).

Any ideas? Does anybody know of any other tool with a similar high-level
command set that is more modest in the environment it requires?

                              Peter Daum

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