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Couldn't Allocate Memory 2.1.18

From: Brian E. Seppanen
Subject: Couldn't Allocate Memory 2.1.18
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 13:36:37 -0500 (EST)

I have a linux debian 3.1 host that is running on a Sun Netra 1405 Sparc Architecture. I just compiled cfengine-2.1.18 on this host and when I try to restart cfservd I get the following

: Couldn't get interfaces
: ioctl: Cannot allocate memory

I get the same output when trying to run cfagent. The following is all that I get before the errors.

Setting cfengine new port to 5308
Setting cfengine old port to 5308
Reference time set to Tue Jan 31 12:23:45 2006

GNU Configuration Engine -
Free Software Foundation 1994-
Donated by Mark Burgess, Faculty of Engineering,
Oslo University College, 0254 Oslo, Norway


Operating System Type is linux
Operating System Release is
Architecture = sparc64

Using internal soft-class linux for host linux

The time is now Tue Jan 31 12:23:45 2006


Additional hard class defined as: 32_bit
Additional hard class defined as: linux_2_4_27_08032005
Additional hard class defined as: linux_sparc64
Additional hard class defined as: linux_sparc64_2_4_27_08032005
Additional hard class defined as: linux_sparc64_2_4_27_08032005__1_SMP_Wed_Aug_3_10_56_05_CDT_2005

GNU autoconf class from compile time: compiled_on_linux_gnu

I've likewise tried to use 2.1.17 and that failed as well. The source code I downloaded was the latest snapshot.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Brian Seppanen

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