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cfservd changed broke soft link access

From: christian pearce
Subject: cfservd changed broke soft link access
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:10:32 -0500

I am not certain if it is this change (178)

Or this change (169)

When I upgraded to 2.1.18 to test the cfservd memory leak fixes my
client stopped working.  I now get this.

cfengine:: Checksum comparison replaced by ctime: files not regular
cfengine:: /var/cfengine/inputs -> /var/cfengine/inputs
cfengine:: image exists but destination type is silly
(file/dir/link doesn't match)
cfengine:: source=/var/cfengine/inputs, dest=/var/cfengine/inputs

The server has /var/cfengine/inputs that is a soft link to

Can you describe in better detail the nature of the change?  I suppose
I can just use a hardlink from now on.

Who know it might not even be a fix in cfservd.c but something in the
copying part of the code.

I found this thread, and think it might be related:

Christian Pearce

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