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links? Links didn't find any file to match?

From: Steve Wray
Subject: links? Links didn't find any file to match?
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:16:57 +1300
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Ok I have an extremely simple cfengine script:

      actionsequence = ( links )

      /var/backups/.amandahosts -> /etc/amandahosts

the file /etc/amandahosts exists and the symbolic link /var/backups/.amandahosts does not exist although the directory does.

Yet I get this from cfengine:

cfengine:somehost: Links didn't find any file to match /var/backups/.amandahosts -> /etc/amandahosts

This is cfengine 2.1.19

Verbose and debug output shows very little that may be of use in figuring out whats gone wrong.

I just tried reverting to cfengine 2.1.18 and it works fine.

and I note this in the email regarding the availability of cfengine 2.1.19:

Bug in cfservd stat-mode on symbolic links not correctly
evaluated.  Bug in linktype=copy for copy fixed.

does the documenation on links need updating or is this a new bug?

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